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Positive Aging


Welcome to Positive-Aging

We are a community of individuals who choose to pursue optimal health and quality of life. We know this can only happen through a commitment to positive lifestyle choices. Join today and get my latest blog posts, tips on healthy living, and your first BrainEx session FREE!

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What is Positive-Aging?

Positive-Aging means using your lifestyle as a tool to improve your health and resilience so it more resembles your longer life span. As our overall life span is increasing and our health span is not, how important is it to you to take action? It's not about how much weight you can lift, but rather pushing your mental and physical capabilities in new, fun, and social ways.

Health Coach Website

BrainEx Keep Your Brain Fit As You Age

Games for brain exercises

Balance Your Body

Progress towards optimal health by doing exercises that are customized for your age, body type, and flexibility. The goal is not bigger muscles, but rather achieving balance.

Elderly mental health

Challenge Your Mind

Many older people will do crossword puzzles, sudoku, and other games to train their brain. What if there was a more fun, active, and productive way to train your brain?

Senior healthy living

Have Fun

Exercising and mental training don't have to be boring. When done at the same time and with others, you will be pushed to achieve holistic health that fits your needs.

Brain exercises for dementia

Join The Community

And get my latest blog posts, tips on healthy living, and your first BrainEx session FREE!

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See for yourself

Moving while stimulating your mind can be difficult to visualize. See for yourself how easy BrainEx can be and how much you can benefit from these exercises yourself!

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