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Hi, I'm Claire!

I am at the leading edge of the baby boomers. (Meaning I’ve had lots of time to accumulate knowledge and experience! 😉) I have worked in both the public and private sectors and had my own fitness business for 8 years. I’ve been a personal trainer for more than 20 years, a nutritionist, a health coach and yoga instructor. On the personal side I have 4 grown kids, 11 grandkids and a sweet aging dog. I live on an island. I was a ‘tomboy’ growing up and love the outdoors and sports to this day.

Claire Denise Positve Aging
Claire, The Founder
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Why Wellness Matters To Me

I love learning and wellness is my favorite topic. My bookshelves are full of self-help, aging and wellness books. I grew up in a dysfunctional and alcoholic household. When I discovered what that meant I began my recovery. It’s been almost 35 years and I’m still a work in progress. Other than my kids I am most proud of that journey in my life. It’s not easy to lead an examined life but I bring that experience to my coaching practice so it can help others who might benefit. I'm so proud to have founded the Positive Aging Community based on my past experiences and holistic health learnings.

What Are The Benefits of Positive-Aging?

Positive Aging
Mental Health Coach for seniors

Increased Mental Acuity

One of the biggest fears amongst older people in America is losing the ability to think critically. Positive-Aging is built to boost your memory, attention, processing speed, executive functioning, and independent living.

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Physical Wellbeing

Too many people live a sedentary life these days. Sitting too much is now considered as bad for your health as smoking! When you join Positive-Aging, you will be introduced to new activities that will enhance mobility in your day-to-day life.

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Holistic Approach

Combining physical activities / movement with mentally challenging tasks opens the door to true growth and overall improvement in wellbeing. You’ll also gain dietary tips and tricks for changing bad habits. Talk about a healthy life!

The Holistic Positive-Aging Concept

One of the biggest concerns people have about getting older is losing their mental acuity – aka being diagnosed with some form of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Currently 44 million people have been diagnosed in America, but the projection is for that number to triple by 2050. ‘Do I have any control over that’ you ask? Although there is the question of our genetics, their expression is another matter. The good news is that through lifestyle we can influence our epigenetics! (That’s a fancy word for how our behavior and environment can alter the way our genes work and are expressed.) The bad news is that although we are living longer our health is declining sooner - with lifestyle playing a huge role if its couch -potato-processed-food-take-a-pill oriented.

So, the choice is simple: use your lifestyle as a tool to improve your health/resilience so it more resembles your longer life span, or not! As our overall life span is increasing and our health span is not, how important is it to you to take action? Note here that it isn’t’ about bench pressing 200 lbs, extreme diets or deprivation. It can be easy, informative, social and fun! Won’t you join me?

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Claire Denise senior health coach

Health Coaching

Why have a health coach? If you have health concerns that you could address but you’re not, a coach can be a big help. Often, we know what we should do but just don’t. (There can be multiple factors influencing our behavior. A coach is trained to help you bring out the answers to our behaviors.) I have been a coach for more than fifteen years and have helped thousands change their behaviors and improve their health. I can help you find your strengths and use them toward reaching your goals. And when was the last time you talked with someone who gave you the personal attention you deserve?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Positive-Aging and why should I join?
    Positive-Aging is a community that is focused on experiencing optimal health where your life span is similar to your health span. Members are interested in lifestyle practices that enhance how they feel and what they can and want to do in their later years.
  • How is BrainEx different from any exercise routine?
    While exercise is generally beneficial, BrainEx exercises are specifically designed to engage the brain in ‘something new’ at the same time that you are moving. They encourage good blood flow and more blood vessels to the brain, the production of new brain cells and the connections between them. In addition, the exercises embody success and fun, not difficulty.
  • Is there a diet that is the ‘best’ to follow?
    The short answer is Yes and No…Nutrition is a fairly young science with new discoveries and theories in abundance. Much has changed since congress enacted the first food pyramid about 50 years ago. And you are unique and may have specific needs, foodwise, in order to become and remain healthy. That said there are guidelines based on research and experience emerging which tell us how best to eat for health and longevity.
  • How is coaching different from counseling or therapy?
    Sometimes I call myself a ’gapologist’. Meaning, I help close the gaps between where you are and where you’d like to be. That’s what coaching is about – looking to the future and how we want it to unfold. Coaching also helps us bring out our best selves, talents, ideas. We discover, explore, experiment in a safe environment. Counseling and therapy generally deal with personal problem resolution.
  • I don’t like exercise and I’m not over weight so why should I bother?
    There are lots of reasons to exercise besides burning calories for weight loss. I’ll name just a few you may not know about: 1. It helps your body be more sensitive to insulin (less chance of diabetes ll) 2. You actually GET energy from exercising because it builds mitochondria 3. You exercise your muscles so they don’t atrophy – including your heart 4. It heats up your body with blood flow and you’ll feel more limber 5. It helps maintain bone density 6. You’ll age better I can help you get started with an exercise program you’ll like!
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