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Learn about BrainEx and what it means for your health

Brain exercises for seniors

What Is BrainEx?

This is my term for brain enhancement. The brain isn’t really a muscle but it does need ‘exercise‘ - just like our muscles! Most older people I know have started doing something for their brain…crossword puzzles, games, sudoku, Lumosity…all good but research shows they’re really just helping folks get better at what they do, not improving things like memory, attention, processing speed or executive functioning. For those improvements we need BrainEx, which is the combination of movement (aka exercise) AT THE SAME TIME as we are doing something ‘brainy’.

What It Is

Why It Matters

34 Million​

How many people in America have diabetes​ (and another 88 million are prediabetic)

60 Million​

How many people have the gene for Alzheimers​


How much more likely diabetics are to get dementia

What Kind Of Exercises?

"Brainy" exercises can be anything from learning a new language, remembering sequences to even playing ‘hot potato'. The goal of these exercises is to keep things fun while still learning and challenging both the mind and body. The main objective is to introduce new concepts to the brain so it says, “What’s this?” All while the body is moving – like stepping in place or doing squats. Other examples include:

  • Walk fast while listening to a Ted Talk

  • Lift weights while saying a sequence of words

  • Do sink squats while counting backwards by 13

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